What are some of the lesser-known cloud services that can be helpful to database administrators?

by Oct 31, 2019

Cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have now matured to the point where they are ready for enterprises. Many organizations are planning to migrate their existing infrastructures to the cloud, and startups typically consider the cloud as the first choice for hosting their websites and applications. The cloud provides SQL Server database administrators with new opportunities as it does for other roles but capitalizing on them requires you to learn new skills.

If you are a database administrator for SQL Server, then you probably have SQL Server set up on a virtual machine. You may also already be using Azure SQL Database or Amazon RDS for SQL Server. However, you may not yet know how to perform essential database administrator functions in the cloud such as storing backup files, balancing loads, controlling user access, and monitoring your setup with a mobile device. 

Read the 6-page whitepaper "The Lesser-Known Cloud Services That Can Be Helpful to Database Administrators" to learn about the lesser-known cloud services that can help you accomplish these tasks. The whitepaper discusses cloud services for identity, management, migration, mobile, networking, security, storage, and backup.

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