What are the most critical performance tuning checks for MySQL?

by Oct 17, 2019

MySQL is the most popular and influential open-source relational database. As applications become more data-dependent, the database application resources are often under pressure to perform at their limits. Every relational database management system (RDBMS) performs better when database administrators configured it optimally. So, it is essential to consider the relational database platform and potential workload. MySQL is a very well-developed RDBMS, and there are several variables, options, and configurations one can change to get improved performance.

These configuration tuning checks are promising starting points for any deployment of MySQL. It is prevalent to get a performance boost from the implementation of MySQL after making these critical changes. Once the system has stabilized after making all of the initial changes, it is a good idea to focus on additional configuration changes as needed by the application. Once the MySQL system starts giving robust performance improvements from the configuration changes, database administrators can begin focusing on the next level of optimization by performing index maintenance and monitoring the system health via performance schema.

Read the 12-page whitepaper “7 Most Important MySQL Performance Tuning Checks by Pinal Dave to learn about seven of the most essential tuning configuration checks for MySQL. After reading this whitepaper, database administrators and organizations will better understand how to drive efficiency and maximize their investment.

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The author, Pinal Dave, is a SQL Server performance tuning expert and an independent consultant. He has authored twelve SQL Server database books, twenty-five Pluralsight courses, and over 5,000 articles on the database technology on his blog at “https://blog.sqlauthority.com”. Along with more than 17 decades of hands-on experience, he has a Master of Science degree and several database certifications.


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