What Data Modeling Myths Were Uncovered in our #SQLChat?

by May 12, 2016

IDERA hosted its 11th #SQLChat on Wednesday, May 11th with data modeling guru, Karen Lopez (@datachick).

The myths and misunderstandings that revolve around data modeling were discussed. This was the largest database design and development chat IDERA has hosted, with over 218 tweets generated and 74 retweets of the hashtag #SQLChat.

Participants agreed that common myths include the idea that data modeling is a task that is easy, irrelevant and unnecessary. After explaining current misunderstandings in the industry, it was decided that educating others is the main solution to changing these views.

Also, congratulations to Craig Mullins (@craigmullins), winner of “Star Wars: The Complete Saga” (Blu-Ray) Box Set!

If you missed the #SQLChat check out some question highlights below. Or, you can view the complete conversation on Twitter.

 More about Karen: Karen Lopez has more than 20 years of database design experience. She specializes in the practical application of design approaches, balancing development time frames with the need to deliver solutions that will support business agility and data quality needs. She’s also known for her fun and engaging speaking and teaching style.

Thanks again to everyone who participated! We hope to see you next month with host Thomas LeBlanc (@TheSmilingDBA).