What do you need to know about compliance audits?

by Jul 10, 2020

Compliance audits are an inescapable part of the information technology world we live in. A compliance audit is a detailed review that is conducted regarding the degree to which an organization is following specific regulatory guidelines or terms of a contract. The audit can address service level agreements (SLAs) made with clients or regulatory requirements mandated by industry or governmental agencies.

This whitepaper will discuss the reasons that compliance is important and outline the steps required for organizations to respond successfully when called upon to engage in an audit. While there are differences in how various entities may perform an audit and the focus of their queries, the methods for passing one are essentially the same.

Concerns surrounding the privacy and security of personally identifiable information (PII) and other forms of sensitive data are becoming more important every day. The problem of data breaches and the associated risks of compromised private information are issues that show no sign of slowing down anytime soon. As big data and other digital information streams are incorporated into enterprise databases, the issue will continue to increase in significance to organizations and the individuals with whom they interact.

Read the 8-page whitepaper “What You Need to Know About Compliance Audits to learn about compliance audits, the increased emphasis on compliance, types of compliance audits, why compliance audits are important, the composition of a compliance audit, tips on responding to auditors’ requests, and preparing for a compliance audit.

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