Who Uses Aqua Data Studio and What Are its Benefits?

by Oct 18, 2019

Aqua Data Studio is a tool for developers and administrators that offers a platform for data management and analytics across any type of cloud, relational, and NoSQL database. It provides a database team with a wealth of advanced features including:

  • The ability to visually build SQL queries with drag and drop capabilities.
  • Enabling users to create entity-relationship models that can be quickly converted between different database platforms.
  • The capacity to forward and reverse engineer databases for modeling purposes.
  • Data visualization tools and dashboards that allow users to enhance the power of data analytics.

Sounds pretty good. I bet there are very few database professionals who cannot obtain some value from Aqua Data Studio. In fact, many organizations are using the tool and reaping some substantial benefits. Let’s take a look at what types of enterprises are using Aqua Data Studio and then take a deep dive into a few of them to see how the tool is helping them cope with their data resources.

Aqua Data Studio Attracts a Diverse Collection of Users

Based on research conducted by TechValidate, it readily becomes apparent that Aqua Data Studio is used by many different types of organizations and businesses located all over the world. Some statistics that stand out in particular are:

  • Customers in the United States form the largest single block encompassing 49% of Aqua Data Studio users. This highlights the fact that Aqua Data Studio appeals to a globally diverse audience.

  • The industries or market sectors most likely to employ Aqua Data Studio are computer software developers, educational and financial institutions, healthcare facilities or organizations and government agencies. Taken together, these types of enterprises make up a little more than 50% of Aqua Data Studio customers.

  • Research also demonstrates the flexibility of Aqua Data Studio to address the challenges of multi-platform environments. Cloud deployment among Aqua Data Studio customers ranges from those just getting their first taste of the upper atmosphere to those firmly committed to housing the majority of their workload there.

Benefits to Specific Organizations

So we can agree that a lot of different database professionals are taking advantage of the features of Aqua Data Studio. But what exactly are they using it for and how has it helped them make the most of their data assets? Let’s find out with a few solid examples.

Comcast is a Global 500 telecommunication services company headquartered in the United States. The business was facing several challenges such as the desire to increase database admin productivity by simplifying and automating tasks and using data for better evaluation and analysis. They were looking for a solution that supported multiple database platforms and industry version control tools.

Since they started using Aqua Data Studio, Comcast has enjoyed increased efficiency for SQL development tasks and productivity gains by the simplification that comes with a unified management tool. Rated improvement has been noted in data analysis and the ability to reverse-engineer databases to uncover the ER model.

Duke University is a well-known institution of higher learning and a college basketball powerhouse that has benefited from the use of Aqua Data Studio. The top pain point they hoped to address was the difficulty they had constructing and executing queries to produce useful analysis. Aqua Data Studio has resulted in substantial improvement in the creation and execution of queries and in analyzing their results.

Fox Chase Cancer Center is a large healthcare provider that struggled with finding ways to simplify and automate DBA tasks to free personnel for more value-added work. They were also searching for a query building tool with a flexible user interface. Turning to Aqua Data Studio resulted in multiple benefits to the organization.

SQL development tasks were made more efficient with Aqua Data Studio as was managing version control. The database team noted a marked improvement in syncing and comparing databases and in addressing their need for a flexible SQL query creation platform.  The flexibility of multi-database support is another feature that the team finds extremely useful.

A Database Tool for Everyone

As you can see, any database team can benefit from using Aqua Data Studio. If your team is not on board with this flexible and effective database tool, it just might be time to give it a try. Join a diverse group of satisfied Aqua Data Studio users around the world.