Why isn’t there a Procedure Editor for MySQL like there is for the other database vendors?

by Nov 4, 2011

I can right mouse click on a procedure in Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server and choose the “Edit in Procedure Editor”, but in MySQL this option doesn’t exist. Why is “Edit in Procedure Editor” missing in MySQL?


Niels Gron over 11 years ago
You can right-mouse-click on the procedure and Script Object to Window->CREATE / DROP and modify the procedure manually. You can also configure the Script to generate a DROP and CREATE at the same time in File->Options->General->Scripting.

The reason we don’t support visual editing of the procedure in MySQL, is because the database server needs to support 1 of 2 features, of which MySQL supports neither. It needs to support ALTER PROCEDURE or CREATE OR REPLACE … or it needs to support DDL in transactions. Otherwise we can’t guarantee a DROP and CREATE.

We put a feature request for MySQL to add support in Apr 2005 which you can see here …


You can read the feature request and all the comments from users over the years.