Windows Pool Page Memory Monitor

by Nov 22, 2006

[topic=”151″]Please go to think link if you have SP5 or higher.[/topic]

This plug-in service monitor provides the following statistics for Memory counters:

MemoryPool Paged Bytes
MemoryPool Nonpaged Bytes

This monitor you are able to run on a Unix or Windows system using a custom visual basic script on the agent side system.

You also have the option of running it Agent less using the agentless zip file


Monitoring Station Side:

– extract monitor scripts to into scripts on the monitoring station
– use erdcloader to load the Monitor_CHKMemory.xml file
– the monitor will appear on your Add Service Instance page as Windows Memory Pool Page (Agent Required)
– Instructions more detail in README.txt

Agent Side:

– extract agent side vbs script on agent system (
– Set up registry keys for custom script settings for up.time agnet
– Instructions in more detail in README.txt

4 Files included in this post


This is an agentless custom monitor which gathers stats remotely


This is agent side script to gather windows memory counters

– winpoolpagemonitor.tar.gz

This is monitor side script for unix systems


This is monitor side script for windows systems.