Windows Server 2008 R2 Core Agent Installation

by Dec 22, 2012

hi all,

I am new to up.time and to the forum as well.

we started using up.time about a month ago and I was somewhat surprised that up.time agent is not supported on core server 2008. normally this would be ok if we didn't have firewalls in place and we were able to have networking open 2 ports to the environment that are 9999 and 9998.

we were able to install and monitor all servers except those that are running core, and if we decide to go the WMI way, then we'll have to open additional ports on the firewalls, which is not allowed at this time by our networking.

so I thought to reach out to the smart guys here and see if they have a way that allows installing the agent on this version of windows so that we can monitor the server on port 9998.

any help or comments are very appreciated.