Windows Terminal Service Connection Monitor

by Oct 25, 2006

This plug-in service monitor provides the following Windows Terminal Services counters:

Terminal ServicesActive Sessions
Terminal ServicesInactive Sessions
Terminal ServicesTotal Sessions

The monitor is interesting because it uses WMI (via vbscript) to access these performance counters from the target system agentlessly. This means that you can't use this monitor from a non-Windows monitoring station but rewritting it a bit to put the vbs code on the agent side and launch it via a generic script (Perl/sh/etc) on the monitoring station should be straighforward.

A few tweaks
– this monitor is generally designed to run as the administrator user, if you have not setup a global performance monitor user to handle these types of system calls the administrator is the best user to test with.
– to allow up.time to make the proper windows authentication the “up.time 4 Data Collector” service must be changed to run as a local system account, either the administrator or the global performance user.

– extract all files into scripts on the monitoring station.
– use erdcloader to load the check_wts.xml file
– the monitor will appear on your Add Service Instance page as 'Terminal Service Connections'