Workflow Optimization

by Feb 22, 2007


I have noticed that I as an Up.time administrator most often use the “View All Services” view.
This gives me a complete overview of the status of the monitors on the systems.

From this view, I almost always want to go to one of the systems which have active alarms at the top of the list. This is not possible without having to search in the Syslist at the top right or scrolling/searching through the Global Scan or My Enterprise views.

I believe that the most convenient way for this would be if I, when clicking on a monitor in this list, would end up with the same view as I do if I click on the hostname in the Syslist, choose the Services tab and click on the monitor in question.

To summarize it, instead of seeing only the monitor details when clicking on it in the “View All Services” view, I want to end up seeing the monitor details on the machine that this monitor belongs to. I.e. with the Graphing, Services and Info tabs on the left.