Your new job as a DBA

by Mar 25, 2015

Are you a database administrator who just started a new job? Have you just taken administrator responsibilities for a new business unit’s databases?

Having a right plan for the first week of your new job as a database administrator, whether you are a highly experienced DBA or not, is a critical task. Asking the right questions, figuring out who does what, understanding the work database server landscape, and prioritizing your efforts are essential to speed up the process of getting settled in. Not to mention it helps you minimizing your stress.

Check out our recent webcast on “How to Deal with an Inherited SQL Server” which gives you plenty tip to help you get started.

Idera SQL Admin Toolset is a great product for your monitoring, troubleshooting, administering and reporting on your SQL Servers. With its 24 essential desktop tools such as: SQL discovery and backup status, password checker, connection check, and inventory reporter you can reduce administrative tasks from hours to minutes.

To learn more or to download the free trial, visit the SQL Server Admin Toolset page. You can also visit the product forum to leave comments and chat with others about the tool.