A new edition of our free C++ compiler

by Jul 13, 2016

A long time ago, back when C++Builder was made by Borland, we made available a free version of our C++ compiler. If you've been around the C++ community long enough you're probably very familiar with it: 'Borland C++ 5.5' counts its downloads in the millions, and despite its age is still today commonly used as an introductory command-line compiler for students or anyone learning C++.

Today, we are updating that compiler.

When you visit our free C++ compiler download page, you can download the compiler from the latest version of C++Builder, 10.1 Berlin. This is a Clang-based Win32 compiler, enhanced with our extensions. It includes the Dinkumware STL, and headers and libraries for building both console and GUI Windows applications, as well as a number of other command-line tools, such as the resource compiler, the implib library management tool, and many others.  The readme includes an example of how to use it with Cmake.  In other words it's a complete package, with tools and headers, for Windows.

We hope it will be useful for students or anyone learning C++; for teachers; for those who maintain libraries that need to be tested or compatible with a wide range of compilers; for those who've used earlier versions of our products; or anyone for whom a free and powerful compiler is a useful tool.

Download the free C++ compiler here.

C++Builder includes compilers for Win64, iOS, Android, and OSX, as well as cross-platform database, enterprise, UI, and web frameworks. Use one codebase and one set of libraries. Design a UI once and specialize it natively per platform or per device, just like subclassing code. Accelerate your development: spend time coding, not struggling with the UI or the platform.

Also – I'm presenting a webinar tomorrow (the 14th) titled Useful C++ Features You Should be Using, covering some of the things that are available in our latest compiler – which includes this free compiler! – that you may not be using if you haven't started converting your code up to C++11 features yet. It's repeated three times during the day, to be suitable for all time zones. Register here!