AlignMix – Cool Apps Selection

by Apr 29, 2020


Today’s Cool Apps selection is AlignMix, from Cozmix, Inc. AlignMix is a sales territory designer that allows users to manage and leverage a tremendous amount of data in a user-friendly, visually appealing package. AlignMix has been built in Delphi from the beginning, and with each new release it’s getting better and better. I’ll let this video explain it better than I can.…/3782.Emb-AlignMix.mp4

AlignMix is an amazing program in a lot of ways, but what really stood out to me was its ability to draw from a vast array of data and programs and create such an intuitive user interface. There’s a lot of muscle under the hood, and they’ve done a tremendous job taking all of those data sources and maximizing their potential.

I had a chat with Steve Maughan, AlignMix’s Lead Developer, and he said the biggest challenges with AlignMix have to do with “implementing complex algorithms, but Delphi is certainly up to the job and enables a high level of productivity”. He’s been quick to take advantage of the new features in 10.3 Rio and is as big a fan of our work as we are of his.


You can check out AlignMix today from their website. They offer a 14-day trial and are very responsive in communication. They also have a new release – AlignMix 2021 – scheduled for this summer. The Cool Apps team is looking forward to seeing what new innovations Steve and his team at Cozmix, Inc. come up with next. Thank you for developing such an awesome program, and bonus points for developing it in Delphi. Congratulations to AlignMix, our latest Embarcadero Cool Apps selection!

Learn more about AlignMix:


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