C++ language update – ISO C++ meeting, Bjarne videos, and more

by Nov 15, 2018

Here are a few recent updates regarding the ISO C++ Language and CPPCon 2019 videos with Bjarne Stroustrup.


Herb Sutter’s Trip report: Fall ISO C++ standards meeting (San Diego)

“On Saturday November 10, the ISO C++ committee completed its fall meeting in San Diego, California, USA, hosted with thanks by Qualcomm. This was the biggest ISO C++ meeting in our 29-year history, with some 180 people at the meeting, representing 12 nations.”



Bryce Lelbach’s 2018 San Diego ISO C++ Committee Trip Report on Reddit (Ranges v1 TS for C++20; consensus on modules design; new Language and Library Evolution Incubators)

“The ISO C++ Committee met in San Diego, California ?? last week to continue work on the next International Standard (IS), C++20. This meeting was the last meeting to consider new proposals for C++20, but existing proposals like modules (on track) and coroutines (questions remain) that are in flight but not merged can still make C++20. We’ll make our final decisions about major language features at the next meeting.”



CppCon 2018: Bjarne Stroustrup keynote video:  “Concepts: The Future of Generic Programming (the future is here)”

“After briefly introducing concepts, I consider their role in design. What makes a good/useful concept? How do you design good concepts and use them well?”



Bjarne Stroustrup Interview at CppCon 2018

During the interview, Bjarne covers the following topics and more:

1) Concepts and the future of generic programming – 20 years of templates/generic programming – since 1998. Concepts completing a part of the foundation of C++. The Benefits of Concepts – Simplifies programming, makes generic programming similar to ordinary programming. A bit more flexible. Document assumptions in the code. Clearer error messages.

2) Better code organizing using modules (C++20). You can organize generic and non-generic program code. Solves issue of Monster length header files, included over and over again – compiler has to work harder. “Better hygene”.

3) New C++ features are raising the level of expression in the C++ language! Faster build times, better error messages are some of the benefits, code will execute faster (zero overhead or better).