C++ Libraries in GetIt: EasyBMP

by Nov 29, 2018

An ongoing project we have is to ensure more popular, well-known C++ libraries are updated to work with C++Builder, and available to you from within GetIt, our package manager. You may have seen a post earlier this year about real-world (non-demo) apps that you can use with C++Builder and CMake, for example, and this is related.

Today, let’s look at EasyBMP.

EasyBMP is an older but still commonly used library for accessing and writing Windows bitmaps. We have excellent support for bitmaps through the VCL’s TBitmap class, but if you’re looking for a standalone lightweight library, this one could be useful. It’s also an excellent example of how straightforward it is to take a well written C++ library and use it with C++Builder.

EasyBMP is available on GetIt.