C++ Toolchain Hotfix for C++Builder and RAD Studio 10.3

by Jan 22, 2019

We have just released a hotfix for RAD Studio 10.3, which addresses a number of issues in the C++ compiler and RTL. This is an important hotfix if you rely on compiler version numbers (for example, for version-specific behaviour in your code, especially useful if you are upgrading); batch compilation; if you use ANSI-encoded source files with non-Latin characters; and it also addresses a number of other issues can affect some common code patterns. We recommend you install it if you’ve encountered any issues.

The issues include:

  • Compiler version numbers and version macros were incorrect
  • Batch compilation is now fully functional
  • A number of issues with chrono::steady_clock
  • An issue with ANSI-encoded files that contained characters with a byte value > 127
  • Some RTL issues, including _lseek (affecting zlib) and operator new() and delete() using std::align_val_t
  • An issue between the memory size reserved for long double variables, which also affected debugger evaluation
  • __declspec(dllimport) variables are allowed as a constant initializer
  • An ICE error with some specific code patterns
  • FireMonkey apps targeting Android used the wrong version of linkdfm*.dll
  • Some compilation speed improvements for specific code patterns

There are some internally reported issues this addresses as well.

You can find the hotfix on CodeCentral here. It includes a full readme with installation instructions.

We are planning to release Boost for 10.3 as soon as we can, and using Boost will likely require that you have this hotfix applied.