CodeRage 2018 is Coming December 4th through 6th

by Nov 21, 2018

Clear your calendar and get your snacks ready. It is time for everyone's favorite virtual developers conference: CodeRage 2018.

CodeRage 2018 December 4th to 6th

Here is a sampling of some of the sessions you will find this year:

A C++ Language Conversation with Bjarne Stroustrup Hosted by David Intersimone "David I" Developing Simple Games Software Running Over Desktop Introduction to Machine Learning for Engineers.
Adapting Painlessly to Change with InterBase Change Views Enhancing FireDAC's Power and Capabilities by Adding and Customizing Script Commands Knowing the RTL can Save You LOTS of Coding
An Introduction to Sencha Ext JS Exploring Gnostice Document Studio Live Reports in FastReport – How To Interact with the User From the Report
Application Prototyping with popular UX tools & RAD Studio 10.3 FireMonkey on Android Things and Raspberry Pi Mobile View Management
Artificial Inteligence for the Masses FixInsight: Squashing Bugs with Static Code Analysis Monitoring JavaScript Errors In Your Sencha Web Apps
Asynchronous Apps with CocinAsync Flux Application Architecture in Delphi Practical Subversion "SVN" for Programmers
Automated UI testing of Delphi applications with Ranorex Studio From Zero to App in 45 Minutes Quantum Computing for Classical Developers
Building Microservices and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) with Delphi Full Stack Web App with Delphi, TMS Web Core and TMS XData Secure Data with InterBase
Connecting to MySQL Database Using MyDAC Components Getting Started with FastReport SecureBridge: The Easiest Customizable HTTPS Client
Controlling Visuino Programmed Arduino Robots from Delphi App How to Create Advanced 3D Museum Software with a Database Testing UI Components with Sencha Test
Creating an Imaging App in Five Minutes + Easy Delphi Threading Inherant Beauty: The Art of Inheritance The Delphi Parser 2.0 – Code Analysis & Modernization Tools
Creating and Using 3D Objects in C++ Builder Integrating with Barcode and RFID readers The Power of FireDAC Indexes
Customizing Controls with FMX Styles IntraWeb 17 – IWML, REST, ExtJS, JQueryUI, BootStrap and more Threads in a Practical Point of View
Data Modeling for Developers Introduction to Aqua Data Studio Using Data Modules to Simplify Multi-Platform Application Development
Developing on Samsung's Android Platform Introduction to Exception Tracers and Exception Driven Development Web Service SOAP using C++

And more to come. Register today and join us online December 4th, 5th and 6th for CodeRage 2018!

CodeRage 2018