Debugger Hotfix for macOS Sierra and the iOS Simulator

by Jan 12, 2017

We have been working on several hotfixes to address recent operating system changes on iOS (10) and macOS (Sierra) that affect debugging with RAD Studio. In December we released a hotfix for debugging on 32-bit iOS 10, and we are pleased to release a second hotfix for debugging on macOS Sierra and the iOS Simulator.

This hotfix addresses:

  • RSP-16322: Problems deploying to or debugging on macOS 10.12 Sierra

  • RSP-16368: Problems running and debugging using the iOS Simulator on macOS 10.12 Sierra

  • RSP-16324: debugging a 32-bit iOS application on iOS 10 (the first debugger hotfix.)

This hotfix is for RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder 10.1 Berlin, and includes the previous debugger hotfix – that is, you only need to install this one to address all the above issues; you do not need to install the other one first. Download it here!

Other debugging issues

In addition to the above issues, we were also investigating:

  • RSP-16475 and RSP-16429: Error evaluating a function call in C++ Win64 on Windows 10 Anniversary

We currently believe the issue has been addressed by a recent Windows update.  If you are still encountering issues on a fully updated Windows 10 Anniversary Edition machine, please comment in one of the above QP reports to let us know.