Disabling the Community toolbar in pre-10.3 versions of RAD Studio

by Jun 10, 2019

In RAD Studio 10.2.x and older versions, the IDE had a toolbar that allowed you to log in to our Community site, and see new messages, events and so forth.

In this screenshot of an older version of the IDE – the new one looks much better! – you can see the Community toolbar inside the red rectangle.

Several months ago, we migrated from the old community to the new Idera Community site, where you’re reading this blog post. With that, the old toolbar lost much of its meaning. We migrated key content, such as blog posts and articles, but the new system has a different login and messaging. Because of this, we removed the toolbar in RAD Studio 10.3.0 already – actually, in 10.2 Community Edition – and are now disabling it in older versions of the IDE, that is, 10.2.3 and earlier. This can be done remotely: the toolbar contacts a server, and one HTTP response code makes it automatically hide. That means that as of today, if you start RAD Studio, the toolbar will no longer be visible. You can show it again through the Toolbars menu, but each time it contacts its old server, it will hide itself again, and it no longer has any functionality.

We’re considering integrating the new Community site, as well as your Embarcadero account login, into the IDE in future. Some ideas include messages, blog posts, and forums similar to the old toolbar, but also cloud setting so you can move easily between machines. However, all these are speculative, and are not firm plans. If you would find account integration useful to you, please let us know in the comments.

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