Embarcadero Releases AppAnalytics Server Source Code

by Oct 11, 2018

What is AppAnalytics?

A few years ago, Embarcadero introduced the AppAnalytics technology, a simple and effective way to add in-app analytics to VCL and FMX applications using ready-to-use components and a paid SaaS offering for the AppAnalytics backend.

Since introducing the service, the feedback from customers has been that they would prefer to host their own service, so we retired the paid SaaS offering earlier this year. With the 10.2.3 release, we started providing the component source code for the VCL and FireMonkey AppAnalytics components, covered by the RAD Studio license. We are now also providing the AppAnalytics backend source code, giving our customers a solution to self-host the analytics backend. This provides you with added flexibility and value.

Sharing the AppAnalytics Server Source Code via GetIt

As of today, the company is making the source code of the server available for free, with a proprietary free software license allowing you to host your own AppAnalytics server. We are distributing it via the GetIt package manager in the RAD Studio IDE:

In short, the distribution of this source code is under a Free Commercial License agreement, requiring that:

  • To use, modify, or create Derivative Works (defined below) under this Free Commercial License, you must be a valid license holder of Delphi, C++Builder or RAD Studio.
  • Any Derivative Work which you distribute must be made available in source code format, and may be used by others subject to the terms of this license, and may be used by us subject to certain of the terms of this license.

Please read the entire agreement (available in GetIt, and also included in the source code package), before downloading it as part of the distribution package. 

For the technically savvy, the source code of AppAnalytics we are making available is mostly written in Ruby, and includes HTML and JavaScript for the web front end.