FireMonkey & Multi-Device Design – CodeRage Series

by Nov 12, 2019

This week for CodeRage 2019 we have a lot of great content for our FireMonkey Multi-Device Design series! One of the goals with changing the format this year was to get more people involved who didn't have the time to create a full 45-minute video. Now I know from experience that creating a short video can sometimes be longer than creating a longer video, so I am not trying to downplay the effort by the presenters.

When you register for the series you will receive an email with the series playlist.

Here is a taste of the topics covered this week by our amazing MVPs

  • The FDK Way of creating visual Controls with Frank Lauter
  • How to create a "blur behind" control in FireMonkey with Erik Van Bilsen [Slides] [Blog] [Code]
  • FMX-JS Bridge with Serge Pilko [Slides]
  • FMX Design with Photos – Sanghyun Oh
  • How to create a simple HTML label in FireMonkey with Erik Van Bilsen [Blog] [Code] [Slides]
  • Optimizing Layout Hierarchies in FireMonkey with Dalija Prasnikar
  • Introducing FMXER: an effective visual framework for FMX with Andrea Magni
  • Embed C Code into Delphi FMX Project with Marion Candau [Slides]
  • FireMonkey Styles Data with Landerson Gomes Dos Santos

And more, including working with assets from Adobe XD and Photoshop. We will see you online for the Q&A Round-Table on Thursday, Nov 14, 2019 12:00 PM CST.