GetIt: Aqua Light Slate VCL Style

by Mar 20, 2019

 The Aqua Light Slate VCL Style is one of the free styles available in RAD Studio. Once installed you will find this in your styles folder:

  • AquaLightSlate2.vsf

To install Aqua Light Slate VCL Style, launch RAD Studio, then go Tools ➜ GetIt Package Manager, and you will find Aqua Light Slate 2 VCL Style 1.0.

You can apply the style to your VCL applications by visiting Project ➜ Options ➜ Application ➜ Appearance, and adding the Aqua Light Slate 2 style to your project, and optionally setting it as the default. At runtime, you can change styles with the code:


Here is a preview of the style.