Installing InterBase XE7 on Linux

by Oct 14, 2015


These are the steps to download and install InterBase XE7 on Linux and start the InterBase XE7 Server. In this example I will install the 32 bit version on an Ubuntu 64 bit machine.

These steps will be identical for 32 bit and 64 bit InterBase Server Edition and applicable to both Red Hat and Ubuntu Operating Systems.

  1. Download the InterBase XE7 Developer Edition

  2. Extract the InterBase XE7 Developer Edition

  3. Start the installation

  4. Accept License Agreement

  5. Choose Server or Client Features

  6. Select InterBase Instance

  7. Choose Directory

  8. License the InterBase Server

  9. Start The Server

Download the InterBase XE7 Developer Edition

You can download the InterBase Developer Edition for free here

The file name is InterBase You will also receive an email for that contains the Serial Number for registering the InterBase XE7 Server. We will need this Serial Number for registering InterBase towards the end of the installation.

Extract the InterBase XE7 Developer Edition

Copy the file to an appropriate directory to extract it. In my case I created a directory /tmp/IBXE7 and extracted the zip file there. The command to extract is unzip


Start the installation

After extracting you may need to give the installation file execute permissions. To do this you can type

chmod +x for 64 bit installions.

Also, you must run as a root user to install InterBase XE7. As root run



Accept License Agreement


Choose Server or Client Features

Typically you will want to install The Full Server and Client.


Select Instance

InterBase allows customizing each Installation of InterBase XE7 Server to run simultaneously by choosing unique instance names that are associated with a different TCP Port. In this example I will accept the default instance name (gds_db) and Port(3050).


Choose Directory

License the InterBase Server

To License the InterBase XE7 Developer Edition use the Serial number, Login, and password that you should have received when you downloaded


Start the Server

To start the InterBase XE7 Server, just navigate to the directory that you created during the installation process. Then switch to the bin directory.

cd /opt/interbase

cd bin

This is where ibmgr, the Linux InterBase Server Manager is located.

Run the Server Manager as root.


Type start .

You should now see that the InterBase server has started.