JEDI libraries now in GetIt Package Manager

by Sep 18, 2015


I'm very pleased to announce that the popular JEDI libraries are now available in the GetIt Package Manager catalog. 



For those who don't know these libraries, the JEDI Code Library (JCL) consists of a set of thoroughly tested and fully documented utility functions and non-visual classes which can be instantly reused in your Delphi and C++ Builder projects, while JVCL is a library of over 600 Delphi visual and non-visual Delphi/C++Builder components. 

So go ahead and download the very latest version of JEDI now from GetIt (RAD Studio XE8 and 10 Seattle), and you can also check all the new libraries that have been recently added by great contributors. To mention a few: DOS Command, Modernized AggPas, Boost for Android, TChromeTabs… I will provide more information about them shorly.