Learning JavaScript

by Oct 29, 2017

My favorite programming language is Object Pascal. Period. However it is not the only programming language in the world. Probably my very first was Basic on ZX Spectrum, then came Turbo Pascal on DOS and quickly changed to Delphi and Object Pascal. Over the course of the years, I have been influenced by other languages. When joining Borland, I had to got certified with Java. When C#Builder was released .NET was a big thing and it was a great source of inspiration. When CodeGear released 3rdRail product, learning Ruby on Rails provided me with another view into programming and the power of "convention over configuration". Our Delphi for PHP exposed me to PHP.

Just recently Embarcadero aquired Sencha and these days I'm studying JavaScript. There are many resources out there to learn JavaScript. I'm reading "JavaScript: Novice to Ninja" by Daren Jones. It is great for starters. It goes in a very detailed through basic language constructs and then into more complex stuff including data structures and more and more advanced stuff.

The addition of Sencha and ExtJS JavaScript framework to Embarcadero product portfolio makes our offerring complete. I really want to be able to fluently build Sencha component-based web front-ends to RAD Server Delphi backends.

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