Modern Web Applications with Intraweb and Bootstrap with Olaf Monien

by Jan 14, 2017

Building Web applications with Delphi and Intraweb is possible since many years. If you start off using the standard template that comes with the latest Delphi versions, then your application will look and feel outdated and ugly though. There is an open source Bootstrap integration for Intraweb, which will move your Intraweb applications into this century. In this session I will show you how to build great Web applications with Delphi. Materials:

Olaf Monien has been working as an IT consultant for international companies for many years. His areas of special interest are software architecture, database design, Internet applications and mobile devices. Olaf is the CEO of Developer Experts, LLC, a US based company, Olaf is also the owner of EDV-Beratung Monien, a Germany based company. Both companies are focussing on consulting and training in the area of Delphi software development. Developer Experts is an Embarcadero Technology Partner. Olaf Monien is an Embarcadero Technologies MVP and maintains a strong relationship with Embarcadero's development team. Olaf received a Master of Computer Science degree and has more than 25 years of software development experience.