My Blog is Having Serious Hiccups, Let’s Plan a Move

by May 4, 2018

You might have seen my blog has had a few issues recently. It is a very old application written in Delphi and running on a totally outdated Linux VM, hosted by a newer and more robust server. But the reality is, it is fairly fragile. First it had a kernel crash, caused by a bad out-of-memory issue, than on reboot it was low on disk space and things went a bit bonkers. It is working now, but not sure how much it will remain online.

I have already done a significant part of the development of a new simple custom engine, still in Delphi, using some of the newest technologies. I have a database where I can migrate all of the data. Nothing will get lost in terms of URLs and content (or so I hope — there are over 12 years of content and over 1,400 post on this blog). So over the coming week I'll spend some extra time (it is my  personal time) on the migration. I plan making a parallel site available for early testing (initially read only, maybe even without comments) and over time I'll move everything there.

While I'll be working on it, I plan offering a fairly detailed description of the work involved both in the migration and in building the new site. While I don't plan open sourcing the engine, I can certainly share a lot of the technologies and the code being used. Stay tuned. And if the blog crashes badly again, sorry, I might just end up surfacing the new site.