Printing from an Android device using FireMonkey

by Aug 16, 2013

Printing from an Android device requires a little bit more setup than in iOS where you simply connect to an AirPrint capable printer (like my Epson XP-400). However, Android printing appears to work with any Wifi printer (or PC connected printer), so its more flexible. Basically, it consists of three steps.

First, download and install Google CloudPrint onto your device.

Second, setup your Wifi or connected printer with CloudPrint support (simple firmware upgrade on the XP-400).

Lastly, register the printer (and device you wish to print from) with your Google account.

Now that that is setup. I built and deployed FirePhoto and added support for the share intent through a standard (and provided) MediaPlayer action in the ActionList component.

And Voila! Printing from Android using FireMonkey.

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