RAD Server Solution Series: [Hospitality] Restaurant Survey Application

by Sep 1, 2017

RAD Server is a turn-key application foundation for rapidly building and deploying services based applications. RAD Server enables developers to quickly build new application back-ends or migrate existing Delphi or C++ client/server business logic to a modern services based architecture that is open, stateless, secure and scalable. RAD Server is easy to develop, deploy and operate making it ideally suited for ISVs and OEMs building re-deployable solutions. RAD Server allows you to take your existing code and convert it to REST API endpoints.


Solution Name: RAD Server Hospitality Survey Application

Industry: Hospitality: Restaurants, Hotels etc.


Solution Overview: The RAD Server hospitality sample application includes a mobile client application for collecting survey data, a back-end server to store data and administer surveys and a web client for viewing survey results. The solution includes RAD Server multi-tenancy support for managing surveys from multiple restaurants.



How to download: Available through GetIt (Tools > GetIt Package Manager > Industry Templates) in RAD Studio 10.2.


Setup Instructions: We have a detailed document with setup instructions for the sample project. Download the PDF here.



The industry template consists of four different projects that interconnect with each other. The projects are: 

  • Hospitality Survey Setup

  • Hospitality Survey EMS

  • Hospitality Survey Admin

  • Hospitality Survey Client


1) Hospitality Survey Setup app

This app will help you set up your database, the tables and data, and your RAD Server EMS user accounts.




2) Hospitality Survey EMS

This is the RAD Server side REST resource which both the Hospitality Survey Client and the Hospitality Survey Admin interface with. It should be deployable on Windows and Linux through IIS, Apache, or the standalone EMS server. 



3) Hospitality Survey Client

This is a RAD Studio client application for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows. The client application should allow you to select a tenant from your RAD Server and then log in as a user. Once logged in, it will download the survey data for your current tenant and allow the survey to be filled out. Once the survey is complete it can be submitted back to the server and a new survey can be started.





4) The Hospitality Survey Admin app

This is an AngularJS application for the web. You can log into the application with your Tenant ID and RAD Server user ID. The web app allows you to view statistics and graphs about the results of the survey questions and each individual question and answer. You can also export a list of emails collected from the surveys.


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