Simple Database and Data access in Delphi XE5 for iOS and Android

by Sep 18, 2013

With the release of Delphi XE5 for iOS and Android developers now have several options for connecting to databases and data both on the devices themselves as well as via our DataSnap multi-tier technology, REST application services, REST, SOAP and XML (TXMLDocument).  You can directly use SQLite, InterBase IBLite/IBToGo in your iOS and Android applications via the FireDAC, dbExpress and InterBase Express (IBX) non-visual components.  As always you can see you data connections live at design time in the IDE and then compile and run the apps for all platforms supported. You can also directly use XML data and parse it using the ADOM XML parser.  The same project and same code works on iOS and Android (and on OSX and Windows) for these datasets and datasources.  You can also build thin client applications using our DataSnap technology to connect mobile applications to Windows DataSnap servers that can then use FireDAC, dbExpress, InterBase Express (IBX) to quickly get to remote and local SQL databases.

You can find numerous tutorials, videos and articles in the Embarcadero DocWiki, Mobile Code Snippets, FireMonkey Mobile Samples, CodeRage Mobile sessions and on EDN that will show you how quick and easy it is to use data in your iOS and Android apps.  Here are a few links to help you get started.

Short Videos

CodeRage Mobile Videos

    Mobile Tutorials and Articles

      The quickest way to get started is to download the free trial of RAD Studio XE5, install it and check out some of the mobile code snippets, especially the ones listed above.  All of the RAD Studio XE5 demo code, samples and code snippets are also available on SourceForge at After you install the trial, you will also find short videos on the IDE "Start Here" pages (for iOS and Android) that give you a quick introduction to some of the mobile code snippets and FireMonkey mobile samples.