This week is #Delphi25th – Webinar!

by Feb 9, 2020

Our favorite software development tool is only turning 25 once, and that celebration was Friday, February 14th, 2020.


How can you help join in the #Delphi25th celebration?

You can make a video or do something else – here are some options.  Videos are quick and easy, and don’t need to be overly complicated:

  • Video of yourself talking to the camera shot on your phone or a webcam (You can even use TikTok like all the cool kids, or travel back in to when it was called Vine.)
  • Screen recording (there is plenty of free software) showing something interesting in the IDE, a project you worked on, etc. (audio is ideal, but if not then you can add  text, or just include a write-up explaining what is in the video).

I get it that not everyone wants to make a video, and that’s fine. Here are a few alternatives (ideally incorporate #Delphi25th were possible). 

  1. A blog post, article, etc. posted online – 25 tips or favorite features, how you got started with Delphi, etc.
  2. A short testimonial about why / what you love about Delphi or C++Builder
  3. Screenshots or review of your favorite 3rd party library, add-in, etc.
  4. Create an original drawing or other artwork that has something to do with Delphi
  5. Make a diorama out of an old shoe box that shows you working on a project 
  6. Bake a cake and write Delphi on it with icing, then take a picture, or even better record a video of the computer fan blowing out a candle
  7. Carve your name + Delphi inside a heart on a tree and send a picture
  8. Compose a love song to Delphi, teach your cat to sing it, make a video and put it on YouTube and become world-famous
  9. Win the Nobel Peace Prize and in your acceptance speech announce that you owe it all to Delphi
  10. Get on dancing with the stars and perform an interpretive dance about Delphi
  11. Get a Delphi tattoo
  12. Cross stitch Delphi into a heart
  13. Creative landscaping in the form of the Delphi logo on your front lawn
  14. Have a child and name them Delphi then send us a copy of the birth certificate (although this assumes you already have a child on the way that will be born in the next few days, or know something I don’t know about how to accelerate incubation)
  15. Create a component that explains why Delphi is the best development tool and publish it on GitHub, BitBucket, etc.
  16. Discover sustainable cold fusion and use a super powered laser to carve the words “Delphi Rocks” onto the surface of the moon, or use the unlimited energy to power super strong spotlights projecting the Delphi logo into the clouds all over the world
  17. Create a wallpaper or other graphic/meme for #Delphi25th and share it online
  18. Learn to say “Delphi rocks” in every spoken language and make a recording
  19. Construct the Delphi logo out of LEGO Bricks and take a picture
  20. Dye your hair red and use a TON of styling product so it stands on end and make it look like you are wearing a spartan helmet
  21. Go to the museum or other historic location and get a picture of yourself with a statue of Athena
  22. Teach a random stranger on the street how to program with Delphi, then record their excitement as they tell you how learning Delphi will help them achieve their dreams and change the world
  23. Translate your favorite algorithm into Delphi and post it online
  24. Use the Delphi syntax to write the lyrics to  a song and then create a library that makes it so the song compiles outputting the song.
  25. Or maybe just come up with a list of 25 other ways to celebrate Delphi’s birthday and post that on your blog or social media. . . . 

Share this link: and use this hashtag #Delphi25th