Understanding the PARADOX.NET file with the BDE

by Jun 13, 1995

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TI212B.txt   Understanding the PARADOX.NET file with the BDE
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  When using Paradox type table with the Borland Database
  Engine (BDE), a Paradox net file is used in the same way that
  Paradox does--to keep track of the number of users.  Each
  Paradox and BDE user is given one count.  So, for example, if
  three Paradox and three BDE users use the same Paradox net
  file, the user count would be six (one for each Paradox user,
  and one for each BDE user).

  The net file also regulates access to tables.  Table access
  is enforced through the use of lock files, which are written
  out to the directories containing Paradox tables.  A lock
  file points to a particular net file, which has exclusive
  control over the table.  This means that any user wanting
  access to the table must use the net file that controls the

  If you are using Paradox for Windows 5.0 or greater, IDAPI is
  used for both Paradox and BDE.  The "NET DIR" path is set in
  Utility.  Once the configuration tool is running, hi-light
  PARADOX, which is in the "Driver Name" List Box on the
  "Drivers" page.  Set the "NET DIR" path to a network drive
  where all users that are accessing the tables have write
  access to.

  If you are using an older version of Paradox for Windows,
  Paradox for DOS, or the Paradox Engine, use the appropriate
  method for each of these products to set the netfile path to
  the identical path that is set within the IDAPI/BDE
  Configuration Utility.  In the case of two BDE programs
  sharing tables, the net paths must be identical.

  The message "Multiple Paradox net file found" (Error 0x2C06
  or 11270: DBIERR_NETMULTIPLE) indicates that these rules have
  not been followed.  If you are certain that all current users
  have the same net path, this message usually indicates that
  an old lock file exists that points to a different net file.
  Old lock files can be deleted if care is taken to ensure that
  no one is currently using them.  Deleting active lock files
  can produce unpredictable results and could cause loss of


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