VCL Migration and RAD Server Delphi Webinars in December

by Dec 4, 2017

There will be many interesting Embarcadero webinars before the end of the year!

This week, on Dec 7th, Marc Gusmano, Sencha Solutions Architect, will be presenting "Best Practices for Building Universal Web Applications" with Sencha Ext JS framework and Delphi RAD Server REST API backends.

On Dec 14th, Embarcadero Product Managers will present "RAD Studio: What's New & What's Next" webinar with more details about upcoming 10.2.2 RAD Studio release with some exciting new features.

Following my live Delphi event last week in our UK Embarcadero office, I will be hosting two Delphi webinars in coming two weeks: one on VCL migration and one on RAD Server.

The upcoming 10.2.2 update to RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder will contain for the first time the RAD Server one site deployment license in Enterprise and Architect editions. This is a great news and an additional $5k value! Join my RAD Server webinar on Dec 19th to learn more!

Webinar 1: December 12th, 2017, Tuesday

"Don't Be Afraid to Migrate Your VCL App"

There are many existing VCL Windows apps built with older versions of Delphi and C++Builder, using outdated technologies and frameworks. In this demo oriented session Paweł is going to walk you through different scenarios of migrating existing Delphi VCL apps to Windows 10, mobile, web and multi-tier architectures. 

We are going to discuss best practices in migration VCL apps including:

  • Planning Your Migration 
  • Working with projects in the IDE 
  • The Importance of Version Control 
  • Cleaning Up Your Code with Refactorings 
  • Automatic Documentation Generation 
  • Sleeping Well with Unit Testing 
  • App Face-Lifting with Windows 10 Styles 
  • Leveraging New VCL controls 
  • Moving to Unicode 
  • Speeding Up with Parallel Programming Library 
  • Using Modern Object Pascal Language Features 
  • Migrating Data Access Layer to FireDAC 
  • Integrating with REST API Services 

If you have an existing VCL app that you want to migrate to the latest version of Delphi, this webinar is for you!

Register here for VCL Migration webinar.


Webinar 2: December 19th, 2017, Tuesday

"Building Perfect REST APIs with RAD Server and Delphi"

REST API architecture has become the most popular approach for building scalable, secure, multi-user systems. 

Using RAD Server you can quickly publish your Delphi or C++ logic as HTTP REST API endpoints that can be used from any app and framework, including mobile, desktop and web clients.  The upcoming 10.2.2 release of Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio in Enterprise and Architect versions for the first time will include single-site deployment license of RAD Server technology! 

In this demo oriented webinar Paweł is going to give you an introduction to RAD Server and will walk you through deploying REST API endpoints to production using Amazon Web Services EC2 cloud. 

Not on the latest version of Delphi or C++Builder?  Move to the latest 10.2.2 release now and enjoy an additional $5k value of RAD Server Single Site License included in Enterprise and Architect editions!

Register here for RAD Server webinar.


Information about all webinars and Embarcadero events can be found in the "Events" sections on our Embarcadero Community website.