When programming is pure fun: creating mazes – at CodeRage

by Nov 5, 2017

CodeRage XII is this week!  (Nov 7-9.)  And I have something very cool to show in one session, a weekend project that has been pure fun to write, reminding me of the days when I was a teenager learning to code and writing just because I enjoyed it.

I'm generating mazes.  Here's a screenshot:

The code can solve them, too.  Here the target is from the bottom left to the bottom right:

Code will be in Delphi and hopefully in C++ as well (same session.)  This session is on Wednesday, but we have many other cool talks as well – some I plan to watch are on code architecture, FireMonkey animations, Amazon S3 and AWS, Sencha, migrating C++ apps to Unicode, adding scripting languages,  Docker, numerical analysis, pluralizing numbers in text, creating microservices, and IDE productivity.

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