Custom counters unlink after about a day

by Aug 24, 2015

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    Hello – I have recently setup a custom monitoring counter in DM. We are using DM version . The counter, once linked to the servers (51 in total) works correctly and sends me alerts when a threshold is breached.

    When I added this counter to a custom monitoring template it never seemed to work, but when I chose to “link” the counter to the servers it started working.

    The issue I am having is that after a day or so the counter will come unlinked to a majority of the servers and only still be associated with just a few servers. This activity does not appear in the change log.

    Has anyone else experienced this sort of issue? Any ideas on how to resolve?


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    We’ve had a few customers report this issue as well. Our development team are still investigating this particular issue. I would recommend reporting this to so that we can add you to the existing development ticket and troubleshoot the issue with you directly.

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    Idera Technical Support – SQL Products

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    Here’s an update:

    I changed the logging level and size of the Idera DM log to capture the event and send the next time this happened. In the last month the “unlinking” of the custom counter hasn’t occurred.