Repository Connection Failure

by Dec 24, 2013

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    Mike Bailey


    I’ve just installed Defrag Manager trial and when I launch the program I’m getting the error message:

    “myservername could not be contacted. This is likely because the repository database is configured incorrectly, permissions are lacking, or the schema revision of the repository does not match the client.”

    Right before this I was downloading, installing, and successfully running some of the free tools and they all worked fine. Only thing different here is I installed and am running the Defrag Manager on the SQL server itself instaed of my PC where I installed the other tools.

    How do I track this down to resolve?

    Mike bailey

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    Thank you for the note Mike. It appears this is most likely a permission issue, according to our customer support team.

    The user account used to launch the SQL Defrag Manager console is the same account used (Windows Authentication) when attempting to connect to the SQL Defrag Manager repository database. For this reason, you must ensure that the user account has the appropriate security (sysadmin) on the SQL Server hosting the repository database.

    Make sure the account used to log onto Windows has Sysadmin rights on the instance hosting the SQL Defrag repository.

    I hope this helps.

    Tim Leite