PowerShell V3


Its been stated many times that over 60% of the modules in PowerShell 3 & 4 are created using CDXML – objects-over-cmdlets. This involves taking...

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where syntax

This type of construction has been part of PowerShell since the very beginning: Get-Process | where {$_.Handles -gt 500}   Get some data and...

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Get-Alias surprise

On the principle that any day on which you learn something new is not a complete waste I stumbled over this today: Get-Alias has a –definition...

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Get-Command trick

A useful trick with Get-Command.  Use the –ListImported parameter Get-Command -ListImported -CommandType cmdlet shows the cmdlets imported into...

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Server Core Module

On a Windows Server 2012 system you will find a ServerCore module with two cmdlets Get-DisplayResolution Set-DisplayResolution On a full GUI system...

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