Dumping Edge Cookies

If you’d like to find out (or document) the website cookies stored by the Edge browser, PowerShell can dump that information for you. The cookie...

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Managing File Shares

The Windows operating system ships with the “Storage” PowerShell module which can be used both from Windows PowerShell and PowerShell 7. One of the...

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Careful with Arrays

Careful with ArraysWith PowerShell you never know whether a cmdlet returns an array or a single object. That’s because PowerShell automatically...

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Get Volume IDs (Part 2)

In Windows 10 and better, you can use Get-Volume to get volume IDs and other information about your drives: PS> Get-Volume DriveLetter...

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Get Volume IDs (Part 1)

You can query WMI to get a list of your drives volume IDs like so: Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_Volume | Select-Object -Property DriveLetter,...

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