Get German Holidays

Here is a PowerShell function that gets all German holidays, either nationwide or just for your state: function Get-GermanHoliday {    param    (...

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Managing File Shares

Creating a new file share for your network requires Administrator privilege and this PowerShell code: $Parameters = @{ Name = "Packages" Path =...

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Masked Input

To safely enter input, scripts need to display a masked input. The easiest way to do this is to use Read-Host -AsSecureString: # Read-Host $entered...

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Avoid Get-EventLog

Get-EventLog is a highly popular cmdlet in Windows PowerShell. With just a few simple parameters, it reads event logs from the primary Windows event...

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Careful with Arrays

Careful with Arrays With PowerShell you never know whether a cmdlet returns an array or a single object. That’s because PowerShell automatically...

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Get Volume IDs (Part 1)

You can query WMI to get a list of your drives volume IDs like so: Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_Volume | Select-Object -Property DriveLetter,...

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