Accessing COM Objects without ProgID

by Jan 2, 2015

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Typically, to access COM objects, these objects need to register themselves in the Windows Registry, and PowerShell needs the registered ProgID string to load the object.

Here is an example:

$object = New-Object -ComObject Scripting.FileSystemObject

Instead of using New-Object, you can also use .NET methods to achieve the same:

$type = [Type]::GetTypeFromProgID('Scripting.FileSystemObject')
$object = [Activator]::CreateInstance($type)

With the latter approach, you can even instantiate COM object that do not expose their ProgID. All you need is the GUID:

$clsid = New-Object Guid '0D43FE01-F093-11CF-8940-00A0C9054228'
$type = [Type]::GetTypeFromCLSID($clsid)
$object = [Activator]::CreateInstance($type)

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