Adding PowerShell Tools to Windows 8 Start Screen

by Feb 11, 2015

Windows 8/Windows 8.1

You may have noticed that the Windows 8 start screen by default is missing PowerShell tools like the PowerShell ISE. When you switch to the start screen and enter “ISE”, the search yields no result.

To change this, make sure the start screen displays “Administrative Tools”. On the start screen, move the mouse to the upper right hand corner to display a menu. Next, click “Settings”, then “Tiles”.

Now, turn on the slider “Show Administrative Tools”.

Once you did this, the Windows 8 start screen will display the PowerShell tools, and the built-in search will find the PowerShell ISE once you type “ISE”.

Right-click “Windows PowerShell ISE” in the search result list to see additional options, and optionally pin the editor to your taskbar.

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