Analyzing Windows Launch Time

by Mar 16, 2011

Beginning with Windows Vista/Server 2008, you can get rich information about your machine from the new additional application and service logs that are accessible by Get-WinEvent. You should have a look at the function Get-WindowsLaunch. It will tell you not just when your machine was booted, but also how long it took, how long the log-on process took, and how long  for startup commands to process!

Note: This function requires Admin privileges to return results so be  sure you can run it in a fully elevated PowerShell!

function Get-WindowsLaunch {
  $filter = @{


Get-WinEvent -FilterHashtable $filter |
  ForEach-Object {
    $info = 1 | Select-Object Date, Startduration, Autostarts, Logonduration
    $info.Date = $_.Properties[1].Value
    $info.Startduration = $_.Properties[5].Value
    $info.Autostarts = $_.Properties[18].Value
    $info.Logonduration = $_.Properties[43].Value


You can even analyze the data returned by this function. This will retrieve  the average, minimum, and maximum boot-up time for your machine:

PS > Get-WindowsLaunch | Measure-Object StartDuration -min -max -Average

Count    : 29
Average  : 127667,034482759
Sum      :
Maximum  : 199194
Minimum  : 68191
Property : Startduration


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