Are you aware of these database risks?

by Jul 17, 2020

Databases are vitally important to modern businesses across all market sectors. They are the repository of an organization’s information resources which are essential assets used to run its business and gain an edge over its competitors. Big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) have introduced new avenues for producing information that needs to be stored in databases where it can be used for business purposes such as predictive analytics and understanding customer trends.

The value attached to enterprise data cannot be overstated. Losing a single mission-critical database can spell disaster for a company. Sales or services can be crippled, resulting in the loss of customers and revenue. Having the information in a database compromised by falling into the wrong hands can ruin a business with financial repercussions and far-reaching impacts to its reputation. Keeping databases operational and protected are essential components of modern business strategy.

Unfortunately, the significance of these data stores makes them an inviting target for individuals and groups with malicious intentions. In some cases, the goal may be to simply bring systems down and cause chaos to the associated organizations. Financial gain or industrial espionage is often at the root of other attempts to compromise or strike an organization’s databases. Hosting database instances with cloud providers and widespread use of IoT devices presents additional targets that can be threatened by hackers.

Read the 9-page whitepaper “Are You Aware of These Database Risks? to learn about the various database security threats and policies that can impact a company’s databases. Knowing how your databases can be attacked is the first step in developing methods and adopting best practices that offer enhanced protection to these valuable information assets. This whitepaper describes database risks, database security, types of database threats and risks, how to effectively defend corporate databases, and how malicious entities gain access to databases.

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