Backing Up Event Logs

by Mar 9, 2018

There are a number of useful cmdlets to manage event logs, however one functionality is missing:

PS> Get-Command -Noun EventLog 

CommandType Name            Version Source                         
----------- ----            ------- ------                         
Cmdlet      Clear-EventLog Microsoft.PowerShell.Management
Cmdlet      Get-EventLog Microsoft.PowerShell.Management
Cmdlet      Limit-EventLog Microsoft.PowerShell.Management
Cmdlet      New-EventLog Microsoft.PowerShell.Management
Cmdlet      Remove-EventLog Microsoft.PowerShell.Management
Cmdlet      Show-EventLog Microsoft.PowerShell.Management
Cmdlet      Write-EventLog Microsoft.PowerShell.Management 

There is no cmdlet to backup an event log to an *.evtx file. Let’s create one:

function Backup-Eventlog


    $eventLog = Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_NTEventLOgFile  -filter "FileName='$LogName'"
    if ($eventLog -eq $null)
        throw "Eventlog '$eventLog' not found."
    [int]$status = $eventLog.BackupEventlog($DestinationPath).ReturnValue
    New-Object -TypeName ComponentModel.Win32Exception($status)

And here’s an example of how easy it is now to backup an event log:

PS> Backup-Eventlog -LogName Application -DestinationPath c:\test\backup.evtx
The operation completed successfully

PS> Backup-Eventlog -LogName Application -DestinationPath c:\test\backup.evtx
The file exists


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