Better PowerShell Help (Part 1)

by May 11, 2021

Many cmdlets provide rich online help, and you can automatically open the web page for a cmdlet by using Get-Help and submitting the -Online parameter:

PS> Get-Help -Name Get-Service -Online  

Each cmdlet also supports the common parameter -? which unfortunately only shows the much more limited built-in local help:

PS> Get-Service -?

    Get-Service [-ComputerName <System.String[]>] [-DependentServices] -DisplayName <System.String[]> [-Exclude 
    <System.String[]>] [-Include <System.String[]>] [-RequiredServices] []

However, with a simple trick you can tell PowerShell to also use the rich online help for the built-in parameter -?. Run this:

PS> $PSDefaultParameterValues['Get-Help:Online'] = $true  

This command automatically sets a new default value for the Get-Help -Online parameter, and since -? internally uses Get-Help, you now get rich online help for most PowerShell cmdlets simply by adding -? to the command name:

PS> Get-Service -?  

That’s really awesome so you may want to add the command to your auto-starting profile script. The path to this script can be found in $profile.CurrentUserAllHosts. It may not yet exist so you may have to create it.

However, there is one caveat: if the command has no online help, then you’ll now get an error message complaining that no online help was available. In an upcoming tip, we’ll address this separately.

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