Changing GPO Description/Comment

by Dec 31, 2014

GroupPolicy Module

When you create a new Group Policy, you can set a comment (or description). There is no apparent way, however, to change the description later.

Here is code that allows you to retrieve a group policy, then read and/or change the description. Make sure you exchange the name “PolicyName” with a name of a group policy that actually exists in your environment:

Import-Module -Name GroupPolicy
$policy = Get-Gpo -Name 'PolicyName'
$policy.Description = 'New Description' 

Note that the change will be reflected in the UI only after you refresh or restart the tools. Note also that you do need the PowerShell module GroupPolicy. It comes with the RSAT tools that are freely available from Microsoft. On clients, the GroupPolicy module needs to be enabled in Control Panel/Software before you can use it.

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