Cleaning Week: Getting Rid of Downloads

by Jun 2, 2016

Do you really need all the files you downloaded in Windows? It may pay off to look at the downloads, and delete downloaded files you no longer need.

The sample code shows a lot of things: how you find your downloads folder path, and how you use Out-GridView as a universal dialog:

#requires -Version 3

$downloads = "$Home\Downloads"

Get-ChildItem -Path $downloads -File -Recurse |
  Sort-Object -Property Length -Descending |
  Out-GridView -Title 'Choose stuff to remove. Hold CTRL to select multiple files' -OutputMode Multiple |
  # remove -Whatif to actually delete files!
  Remove-Item -WhatIf

When you run this code, a grid view window opens and shows all files from your download folder, sorted by size in descending order. So the largest files appear on top.

Now just hold CTRL and click all files that you do not need anymore. Once you click OK in the lower right corner of the grid view window, the files are deleted.

Well, not really. To safely play with the code, we added -WhatIf to Remove-Item. Remove -WhatIf to enable deleting the files you selected.

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