Color Week: Using Token Colors in the PowerShell Console

by Sep 20, 2016

PowerShell 3 or better

This week we are looking at how you can change coloring both in the PowerShell console and PowerShell ISE so you can fine tune your PowerShell environment.

The PowerShell ISE colorizes tokens when you input commands, whereas the PowerShell console does not. If you like colorized tokens, you may want to try the awesome PSReadline module. Here is how you download and install it:

PS C:\> Install-Module -Name PSReadLine -Scope CurrentUser -Force

If you do not have a command named “Install-Module”, then head over to and download the “PowerShellGet” MSI installer package. It adds the cmdlets to interact with the Microsoft PowerShell Gallery in case you are not using PowerShell 5.

Once the module is installed, you need to load it (inside a PowerShell console, not the PowerShell ISE):

PS C:\> Import-Module -Name PSReadLine

Once it is loaded, it colorizes the tokens in the PowerShell console.

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