Compressing to ZIP Files

by Jan 28, 2016

In PowerShell 5.0, Compress-Archive can easily compress files and folders to a ZIP file:

PS C:\> Compress-Archive -Path c:\sourcefolder -DestinationPath $env:temp\ -Force 

Compress-Archive is not a cmdlet, though. It is a function and leverages the new ZIP file support in .NET Framework 4.5. To take a look at how they did this, here is a line that copies the Compress-Archive source code to the clipboard.

PS C:\> ${function:Compress-Archive} | clip

You can use this approach to view the source code of any PowerShell function that is in memory. You may have to run a function once to force PowerShell to load it into memory before you can access its source code.

When you create a ZIP file with Compress-Archive (requires PowerShell 5.0), any file with the "Hidden" attribute is not added to the ZIP file by the way.


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