Control Media Player from PowerShell

by Feb 10, 2011

Start your day with your favorite music or playlist by controlling Media Player by PowerShell.
Get-MediaPlayerItems will return all playlists and multimedia items accessible. Start-MediaPlayer accepts any one of them and will launch Media Player to play the song or playlist:

function Start-MediaPlayer {

$player = new-object -com WMPLAYER.OCX
$item = $player.mediacollection.getByName($name)
if ($item.Count -gt 0) {
$filename = $item.item(0).sourceurl
} else {
"'$name' not found."

function Get-MediaPlayerItems {
$player = new-object -com WMPLAYER.OCX
$items = $player.mediacollection.getAll()
0..($items.Count1) | ForEach-Object { $items.Item($_).Name }

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